Swissfiber bar b specs

Weight 20.2 kg/m
Max. length 550-600 cm
Lifespan 80 years
Principal moment of inertia Jz
17'011'244 mm⁴
95'897'576 mm⁴
Moment of inertia Wy 799'147 mm³
Fire index number BKZ 5.3


Swissfiber bar b

Swissfiber supports were specially designed as bearing elements for use in noise barriers. Swissfiber bar b supports have a larger profile and they are longer than the Swissfiber bar s supports.


Swissfiber bar b supports are made of fibreglass, a composite material made of glass fibres and vinylester. The material has the advantage of not being vulnerable to corrosion and of being lighter than traditional noise barrier materials. Swissfiber supports have a lifespan of 80 years.

Swissfiber supports are machine-produced. They are smooth across the entire surface and are RAL 7012, basalt grey. A protective coating is integrated into the surface which may weather down over time. The supports’ load bearing capacity is guaranteed for the entire planned 80-year lifespan, despite weathering.

Profile lengths

The profile length of the Swissfiber bar b is 550 cm long and comprise the projection length (overhang) and the insert. The insert length (support in foundation) is 100 cm. The projection length (the visible section) of max. 450 cm is broken down into the noise barrier (200 cm), the base board (50 cm) and the foundation (200 cm). These dimensions are, however, dependent on the type of landscape, the dynamic pressure and the distance between supports.

Where the order is placed sufficiently in advance, the supports can be produced to customised lengths.

Calculating the profile length:



The design of the foundation is displayed in the SBB catalogue (diagram A-13). Foundations with bored piles and a well collar are an economical solution. Unlike traditional steel posts, the Swissfiber bar b can be directly cemented into the well collar and come into contact with soil without the risk of corrosion.

Base boards

Thanks to the extraordinary durability of Swissfiber bar b supports, the pile cap can be completely covered underground. This significantly simplifies the attachment of the base board. The base board is inserted between the flanges in the profile, like the noise barrier elements and then fastened using screws.

Wall elements

The Swissfiber bar b is designed for use with traditional noise barrier elements. When the concrete noise barrier elements are inserted in between the Swissfiber bar b flanges, a protective non-slip spacer is inserted on both sides and removed before fastening the concrete elements.

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